Inventory App for VISUAL ERP

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Keeping an accurate inventory valuation is a critical component in many business decision processes such as profitability, cash flow, working capital, and outsourcing versus fabricating in house, among others.

TryforFree_redSometimes transactions get incorrect costs and, although Visual provides fixes to these problems, finding the areas where the cost went wrong and the cause of the issue could be difficult and very time consuming. This is where this Inventory Reconciliation app comes to help. This Power App quickly identifies discrepancies and provides easy access to different details so the user can have a deep understanding of what went wrong.

Inventory App for Visual ERP provides a systematic approach to control and manage your VISUAL inventory effectively and efficiently.

It gives you ultimate freedom to quickly filter data, drill-down and track inventory/work in process discrepancies, easily reconcile actual inventory/wip to financial records for current or past periods… all in one screen even if you’re running multiple databases. 

Benefits & Features

  • Identifies costing issues and reconciliation discrepancies by Part ID
  • Streamline your Inventory/WIP reconciliations
  • Get your Inventory Valuation as of any point in time
  • Capture anomalies immediately at the Part ID level
  • Audit your Inventory/WIP/Labor in Real-Time
  • Easily create pivot tables to group the information by Product Code, Commodity Code, Warehouse, Site, etc
  • Drill down to transaction details from the same screen
  • Enables inventory count from a wireless devise/tablet connected to a Bluetooth scanner
  • Audit trace to identify where/when serial numbers were used
  • Export any screens to MS Excel in just one click

Inventory App for VISUAL ERP

The solution offers 6 modules:

  1. Inventory Module: Get the valuation of your inventory as of any date, drill down to transactions and reconcile actuals to financial records. Includes trace information where applicable.
  2. Audits Module: a set of predefined assessments to capture potential issues within key areas of the system.
  3. WIP Module: Monitor work in process, drill down to transactions (all in one screen) and reconcile actuals to financial records.
  4. Labor Analytics Module: Perform labor ticket analysis and measure efficiencies by department, resources, employee and more.
  5. Physical Count Module (barcode/tablet enabled): Barcoding solution to process inventory counts from a tablet. Count sheets and Variance analysis are exportable to excel. Contains an Integrated Barcoding label report.
  6. Trace Tree Module: Builds Backward / Forward Trace trees and compiles all parts directly or indirectly used or to be used in a top level work order or finished product.

The Inventory App for VISUAL is one of many Power Apps developed by BMS365 - focused strictly on VISUAL ERP.  BMS365 was founded in 2006 with the purpose of guiding VISUAL ERP users in getting the most out of their ERP through consulting and value added add-on solutions.  For more information:

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