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A collection of my favorite and proven VISUAL solutions that extends the functionality of the VISUAL system.  These apps are fully supported, used and continuously improved upon based on the user feedback from the VISUAL community.

Go Paperless App

Infor VISUAL ERP - Go Paperless App

Integration of the Go Paperless App solution and VISUAL results in Paperless ERP that provides a way for VISUAL users to increase efficiencies and thereby, the cash conversion cycle. This technology allows the user to easily create PDF’s and email VISUAL documents in one click, saving time and money by eliminating paper processing, simplifying the overall business process.

This toolset offers nine (9) modules in which to choose from – Invoices, Customer Statements, CO Acknowledgements, PO Acknowledgements, Pack-lists, Quote, WO Travellers, ACH and Payment Notifications.

Some of the key features:

  1. TurnKey Solution to review, generate PDF files, organize and Email your Visual Manufacturing forms from one screen and in one mouse click!
  2. Automatically creates Folders to manage  and store PDF documents following a user-defined preconfigured file structure.
  3. Automatically generates emails attaching the corresponding PDF file/s using the contact email addresses stored in your VISUAL ERP.
  4. Flexible sorting and filtering capabilities to quickly find and select the desired documents as well as to consolidate documents in one email and/or PDF document.
  5. NEW!  ACH (Automated Clearing House Payments) - Through this interface ACH check run information coming from Visual gets validated in order to create the ACH file that will then get uploaded into the company Bank’s online system. It also facilitates the creation of the Electronic file, in the proper format, that contains payment instructions and recipients’ information – based on relevant data stored in VISUAL – and will be sent to the company’s bank for processing.

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Inventory Management Tool

Infor VISUAL ERP - Inventory Management Tool

The amount of inventory you hold day-to-day and rate of turnover are big factors in cashflow and profitability. You MUST have firm control on the numbers and be able to access them on a moment’s notice to make good decisions.

Inventory Management Tool for VISUAL gives you ultimate freedom to quickly filter data, drill-down and track inventory/work in process discrepancies, easily reconcile actual inventory/wip to financial records for current or past periods… all in one screen even if you’re running multiple databases.

The tool consists of the following 5 modules:

  1. Inventory Module: Allows you to monitor, drill down to transactions and reconcile actual Inventory to financial records. Includes trace information where applicable.
  2. Audits Module: a set of predefined audits to capture potential issues within key areas of the system.
  3. WIP Module: Allows you to monitor, drill down to transactions and reconcile actual Work in Process to financial records.
  4. Physical Count Module (barcode/tablet enabled): Totally integrated with VISUAL, this barcoding app allows you to process inventory counts from a tablet. Count sheets and Variance analysis are exportable to excel. Optional: Integrated Barcoding label report.
  5. Trace Tree Module: Backward and Forward Trace trees that compile all parts directly or indirectly used/to be used in a top level work order or finished product. It includes trace information where applicable.

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eBoard – Financial Dashboard

Infor VISUAL ERP - eBoard

Developed for accounting professionals and C-level executives looking for powerful and easy-to-use GL reporting software, this Financial Dashboard allows you to access live Financial data, drill down to supporting details and export the financial statements to Microsoft Excel in one click.

This remarkable App exclusively configured for VISUAL, quickly deploys to gather all your key financial data from VISUAL and presents it in a beautifully simple single-screen format even if you’re running multiple databases. It contains 2 powerful modules: FinBoard and Gross Profit BI Tool.

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VE Mobile
VE Mobile is the premier mobile extension to the VISUAL Enterprise ERP, adding flexibility and productivity improvements through the introduction of mobile scanning technology to the warehouse.  The VEMobile application provides VISUAL Enterprise users the ability to perform VISUAL transactions such as part location transfers, work order receipts, interbranch transfers, shipments, etc. using mobile devices.  VE Mobile can be used by any mobile device that supports wireless and is running the Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating systems.

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Logicity™ Automatic Invoicing
Logicity™ Automatic Invoicing is an application is built on top of the Logicity™ package ( and is used to automatically generate e-mailed or printed invoices out of Infor VISUAL Manufacturing ERP.  Simply define the customers you wish to have invoices automatically delivered, specify the way they wish to have the invoices delivered (e-mail, print) and the format (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.). Any time an invoice is created in VISUAL for this customer the invoice will automatically be delivered according to the customer’s preferences.

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EDI Integrator
EDI Integrator provides VISUAL Enterprise users with a powerful alternative to the VMDI interface for EDI transactions (both inbound and outbound).  Transactions can be reviewed, optionally edited, and approved / rejected individually or in batch using our EDI Dashboard module.  Seamless integration with VISUAL ensures absolutely no duplicate data entry is necessary and that all transactions are performed with the same business logic validations as the standard VISUAL client.

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Web Store Integration
The Web Store Integration for Infor VISUAL Enterprise, integrates VISUAL with a Magento-based e-commerce system. The integration can feed item data from VISUAL to the website, customer information is synchronized between VISUAL and the website, and web orders are automatically pushed into VISUAL.

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BOM Xploder
Drastically improve your BOM visibility and discover shortages at ANY level of your bill of material no matter how deep.
See, analyze, and track information that helps you better support individual, departmental, and your company’s performance metrics and goals.
eBoard - Financial Power App
Developed for accounting professionals looking for powerful and easy-to-use GL reporting software. Access live financial data, drill down to support details and export financial statements to Excel in one click.
Inventory App
This Inventory Reconciliation App provides a systematic approach to control and manage your Visual inventory effectively and efficiently
Credit Card Integration
Easily accept and process credit card payments right from within VISUAL.
ACH Document Processing
Leveraging VISUAL's payment scheduling and batch payment functions, with the added convenience, performance, and security of Electronic Funds Transfer payment processing.
Latitude Manifest & Shipping System
A seamless multi-carrier shipping solution that integrates to Infor VISUAL ERP. See how it can simplify your small parcel and LTL shipping and package tracking.
Sales Tax Automation with AvaTax
Easily automate sales and use tax in VISUAL with AvaTax. No more manually entering data or uploading rate tables and tax information.
Workforce Management with Kebrite Solutions
Streamlines the collection of Job, Labor, Payroll, Time & Attendance, and a vast array of HR related data-- with live VISUAL integration.