About Richard

Ottawa Senators OutingThis "About me" page is a work in progress, but here it goes...

Hi.  I'm Richard Ferlatte, a VISUAL Consultant, project manager and entrepreneur.  I've been in the manufacturing and technology fields for the past 20 years, most of my focus during the last 15 years has been in the Visual "environment". 

My expertise definitely lies in the technical and integration side of Visual.  I have worked extensively in developing and implementing custom IT solutions within the Visual framework.  I also provide consulting services with regards to developing and mapping business processes to Visual specifications (Front-End/Mfg/Acctg).  I've created more crystal reports than I care to remember, but it's certainly something I enjoy doing.

Additional experiences include:

  • EDI / ASN
  • Barcoding
  • SQLServer (with Reporting Services)
  • Web Development / Sharepoint
  • Crystal Reports
  • Visual COM objects

I'm based in Ottawa (Ontario), Canada with my wife, Kelly, and 2 kids (with another one on the way!)  3 great kids 4 great kids (and that's it!).  They are, and will always be, the boss of me..no doubt.


Rich Ferlatte
Results Driven VISUAL Specialist


Of course, I am available for hire!

ERP Implementations & Upgrades
Analytics & Reporting
Integrations & Macros
General VISUAL Support


Taking it to the next level and designing a program around "Hands On VISUAL Training".

Check them out - there's sure to be one to interest you!

Operational Workshops
Reporting Workshops
Financial Workshops
Inventory Workshops
Quality Workshops


BOM Xploder
Drastically improve your BOM visibility and discover shortages at ANY level of your bill of material no matter how deep.
See, analyze, and track information that helps you better support individual, departmental, and your company’s performance metrics and goals.
Credit Card Integration
Easily accept and process credit card payments right from within VISUAL.
CAD Integration with CADLink
Reduce rework, minimize scrap, and work more efficiently with CADLink - a fully automated, two-way connection between VISUAL and your CAD system.
Sales Tax Automation with AvaTax
Easily automate sales and use tax in VISUAL with AvaTax. No more manually entering data or uploading rate tables and tax information.
Workforce Management with Kebrite Solutions
Streamlines the collection of Job, Labor, Payroll, Time & Attendance, and a vast array of HR related data-- with live VISUAL integration.
ACH Document Processing
Leveraging VISUAL's payment scheduling and batch payment functions, with the added convenience, performance, and security of Electronic Funds Transfer payment processing.