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Do you have a training need and little time to develop an internal training program? How do you currently handle training of new employees, cross-train or retrain users? If this is your business challenge, our VISUAL ERP web-based training program was designed especially for you! 

50+ webinars for every VISUAL users. Tell me More!

Written by Richard on February 26, 2015

VISUAL Training Webinars: Huge success at providing an alternative, cost-effective, and valuable training option for the VISUAL community

Infor VISUAL ERP - Webinars
I promised Caden I would have him in my next post -- He was a little jealous of his little sister!

Never thought our pilot project would strike a chord as much as it has within the VISUAL community! 

Late last year, myself, along with a team of seasoned VISUAL professionals, got together and developed an online training series to showcase all the features and functions that VISUAL has to offer. 

We started out with 2 tracks - Manufacturing & Financials - comprising of 16 (or so) webinars.   Each webinar focuses on a functional area of VISUAL - demonstrating all the available features, functions and options - and HOW to use them.

To be interactive - each webinar is presented by one of our VISUAL consultants (LIVE) ending with a 30 minute Q&A with the attendees.

The feedback has been so positive that we have since expanded the program with more content-specific webinars on the existing tracks, as well as a new Quality track (and an IT track in the works to be available this spring).

We now have over 65+ webinars - with several sessions scheduled every week.
(which reminds me that I have to update the webinar page detailing the sessions)

Here's what a few of our valued clients have to say about the webinars (can't thank them enough for the feedback):

“The VISUAL webinars are very informative. Gave me the insight into VISUAL that I needed to operate my company.”
- Andy Chura, Controller
Commercial Forged Products


"I would highly recommend your training sessions and the one year pricing for unlimited training to anyone who was upgrading.  Our folks here are loving the training and seeing the new version we have coming. It’s a fantastic cost savings and great interactive training.  I also love that we don’t have to leave the office to attend the training."
- Cathy Coletts, Director of Information Technology
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.


"VISUAL webinars have allowed our staff to increase their knowledge across multiple areas.  The instructors are knowledgeable and deliver the content in a professional and concise manner.  The short training sessions allow our staff to gain valuable Visual knowledge without having to leave for an entire day of offsite training."
- Joel Kiekhaefer, IT Director
Apache Stainlesss Equipment Corporation 


"I greatly appreciate this! The Concurrent Scheduler II webinar was great and we learned a lot on how to use the production reports and throughput window to help us. Please send my thanks to the instructor, she was awesome!"
- Visual User, Operations Process Manager




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