Infor Xtreme Support - There's an app for that.

IPhoneAppInforum 2012 is currently taking place in Denver.  And even though I'm not attending, I'm definitely interested on what's being said and presented as it relates to VISUAL.

The latest thing I've read is that Infor has recently released their mobile Infor Extreme Support application.  So, without hesitation, I quickly downloaded the app from iTunes onto my iPhone. 

The app is quite impressive and has a slick interface.  You can easily access and manage all your incidents that you have logged in with Infor.  With a swipe of the finger, you can check on the status of your incidents and receive immediate updates to your critical issues.  I especially like the "watch list" feature, that allows you to personalize the app and focus on the incidents that are most pressing to you and your business.

I like where this is going.  Download and check it out

Thanks to Jason Snoeyink, Candy Kirchner and Peter Boers for keeping us all updated on the latest news coming out of Inforum 2012 via LinkedIn and VISUAL forums



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